Easy Peasy Super Stylish DIY Doggie Bow Tie

Yes, I must confess, I’ve been known from time to time to dress up my gorgeous little snow pup. Sometimes it has been for practical reasons such as a Puffa jacket whilst taking her out for walkies in the snow, but also for the fun of it or an occasion – such as when I dressed her in a hand made silk tutu dress – I pushed the boat out on this one as she had the very important role as ring bearer when dear Mr Lip and I tied the knot.

However, since moving to the tropical climes of Singapore, it just didn’t seem as though adding any further warmth to little Toots would be doing her any favours so this fashion habit had to stop.

However recently whilst looking through few old photographs I’ve been getting the itch again and realised that although clothing may not work here on this tropical island, there is no reason not to accessorise.

Now… anyone with a canine friend will know that if they haven’t been accustomed to dressing up your pooch from the beginning or in a long time, the chances of them allowing you to do this now is next to nil, as is the case with my little fur ball (certainly nothing on her head or dangly anyway), but here comes the solution. Make this and you will have your pooch looking dapper (in Tootsies case, pretty as a picture) in as much time as it takes them to say ‘Woof’. Oh and it’s quick, cheap and easy make too.

You will need:

  • Cotton fabric
  • Needle and thread (pre thread it)
  • Iron
  • Velcro
Two squares of cotton fabric, square of Velcro, needle and thread
Materials required for this make plus an iron


1. Cut out two rectangles of cotton fabric mine are 22cm x 14cm and 4cm x 12cm. You can enlarge or reduce depending on the size of your dog and the thickness of their collar.

2. Taking the larger rectangle, fold the two longer sides into the middle with the wrong sides facing. Iron in place.

3. Now fold the short ends into the centre with the open seams facing, iron in place.

4. Concertina fold to form a bow shape.

Instructions Dog Bow Tie
Steps 2, 3 and 4

5. Holding your folds in place, sew through all the layers and folds a few times.  Wind your thread around the centre of the bow and tie off.

6. Taking the smaller rectangle, fold the long ends towards the centre, wrong sides facing and iron in place.

7. Position the middle around the centre of your bow with the open seam on the inside, sew in place.

DIY Dog bow tie
Steps 5 and 7

8. You will be left with two open ends. Tuck in the open end of one side and position velcro over it, sew in place. Repeat for the other side but placing the velcro on the other side, then sew in place.

Home made dog bow tie
Step 8

9. Attach to your pets collar using the velcro fastening.

Now to try it on.

Dog Bow tie
How do I look?
Dog bow tie Westie
Kiss kiss, darlings, must go!


This is the bow tie or a bow in its simplest form, you can try different fabrics and embellish it however you want. Try different dimensions for a fatter bow or contrasting colours for the bow and the central strap, or double up to make a layered bow. So easy you can make one for every day of the week 🙂 woof.

For ideas on where to take your pampered pooch on a weekend (with our without DIY bow), have a look at Judy Chow’s post on Doggie Day Out.





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