Peony Forever – Handmade with Crepe Paper


Be it a simple fallen frangipani blossom bestowed upon me by my little ones, a casual arrangement of stems thrown into a glass with some water or a beautiful hand tied bunch vying for attention on the dining room table, flowers lift my spirit.

Sadly the fragile beauty of a bloom at its best is often all too short lived and often fades into a distant memory. Yes it can be argued that this fleetingness is part of natures beauty, but sometimes wouldn’t it be nice to have flowers around all the time without having to go for the mass produced fake kind or to spend a small fortune every week?

Crepe Paper Peony

Here I show you how to make a beautiful forever peony with step-by-step instructions.

You will need
Print out of Forever Peony template
Crepe paper in yellow, pink and green (or other colour combination)
Stick glue
Floristry wire
Wire plier and cutter
Floristry tape
Glue gun (or stick glue and double sided tape)

1. Cut the pieces out of the peony stencil and use to make the appropriate number of pink crepe petals, yellow crepe stigma (centre) and green crepe leaves of each type as stated on the stencil. Make sure that the grain of the crepe paper runs from the top of your petal to the bottom.

2. Stretch the centre part of all of the pink petal pieces so that they form little cups, manipulate the top edges to a ruffle by stretching or leaving bits un-stretched.

3. Using wire pliers, bend over the top 1 inch end of 3 floristry wires to form a narrow loop.

4. Wrap a large crepe leaf around the loop and stick in place using glue. Repeat with the two other wires in step 2.

5. Wrap floristry tape from the base of each leaf down the length of the wires. Put aside.

6. Using wire pliers, bend over the top 1.5 inch end of a floristry wire to form a narrow loop.

7. Apply glue to the bottom un-fringed part of the yellow stigma crepe piece and then fold it into three, sticking together. Apply another layer of glue and wrap around the wire loop you just made in step 6.

8. Starting with the smallest pink petals, apply glue to the bottom of a petal, and stick near the base of the stigma so that it is peaking out from under the top of the petal.

9. Repeat step 8 with all of the remaining petals, overlapping them slightly as you go around and finishing the smallest set of petals before moving onto the next larger set.

10. Apply glue to the bottom of the sepal leaves (leaves at the base of the flower) and stick in place around the base of the petals and around the wire.

11. Start wrapping floristry wire from the base of the flower and sepal leaves. When you get about 1/4 of the way down the wire, add one of the leaf wires that you put aside in step 5 and continue wrapping with the forestry wire, add additional leaf wires in this same way at 1/4 or 1/3 intervals.

12. If any outer petals appear to be flopping or drooping away, use a little double sided tape or dab of glue to hold it to an inner petal. Fluff up the flower and tweak the ruffles.

13. Give the leaves a bit of structure by stretching parts of the crepe and bend the stem and leaf wires to give them a more organic feel.

14. Trim your wire to the desired length using wire cutters.

Enjoy your forever peony.


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