Sweet Love Heart Garland – Step by Step Guide

Garlands are a sweet and simple way to add a little decoration into a room or setting with minimal cost outlay and commitment. Here I will show you how to make your own heart garland with a few packets of air-dry clay and a some simple tools that you probably already have at home.

You will need

Air dry clay – white, pink, purple
Rolling pin
Heart shaped cookie cutter
Sharp point such as a pencil
String and needle


1. Making sure your work surface is clean and free from dirt, roll out your clay to a thickness of approx 4mm. I used a plastic sheet to protect my work surface.

2. Press your cookie cutter into the clay and jig it slightly to make sure it is pushed all the way through in order to cut out a heart shape.

3. With the cookie cutter still in place, make a hole near the edge of both sides of your shape using your sharp point. (By leaving the cookie cutter in place at this point, your heart is less likely to distort when making the hole.)

4. Gently push the heart out from the cookie cutter and set aside.

5. Repeat steps two and three until you have the desired number of hearts. Reroll the clay if necessary.

Herat garland steps

6. Repeat steps one to three with the other colours. Leave the shapes to dry.

Optional – Paint your shapes with varnish before stringing them together if you want to protect them from moisture. Make sure the paint is fully dry before stringing together.

7. Lay your shapes out and use them as a guide to measure the amount of string you will need. Make sure you allow a little extra string for the ends.

Heart Garland

8. Using the needle to help you, thread the hearts together, making sure you poke the needle down the hole on the left side and up through the hole on the right. Space the hearts out evenly as you go along.

Finally, hang them up!

Hand made heart garland

I chose to use air dry clay for its light weight properties on this occasion but you can also use an oven bake clay for projects with more complicated shapes. Oven bake clay has a longer working time and tends to be heavier in weight, it drys with a harder and arguably more durable finish.

You can of course use different colours and cookie cutter shapes to make a garland to fit any colour scheme or room theme. Try cutting out letters to spell out a child’s name for their bedroom door or what about making two strings and hanging one under the other.

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