Whipped Cream Dyed Easter Eggs

Every year since my daughter was 4, I’ve bought one of those Easter egg dye kits. This year, I was trolling through Instagram and came across a beautiful photo of dyed Easter eggs made using whipped cream and gel food colouring. I had to try it!

I’m not generally a crafty person. I love the idea of it but hardly ever do anything cool like this. The things that Anna (our DIY queen) creates truly inspire me and makes me wish that I had the patience for it. This Easter, inspired by Ordinary People Create and that photo on Instagram, I decided to give it a try.

You will need:

  • Eggs – as many as you would like but use white or light coloured eggs so the colour shows up better.
  • Gel food colouring – these can be bought in many different colours at Poon Huat.
  • Whipped Cream or Whipped Topping (This is what I used because it was cheaper. Never heard of it before but got it at Poon Huat) – 500ml is probably enough but we got a litre in case I messed up.
  • Optional: White vinegar which helps the eggs take on the colour more.
  • Toothpicks
  • A large tray with sides or separate bowls for each colour combination
  • Paper towels


What to do:

  1. Boil your eggs until they are hard then let them cool completely.
  2. Whip the cream or whipped topping until they are stiff peaks.
  3. Place the cream into a large tray or into separate bowls.
  4. If using vinegar, place the eggs into the vinegar for a minute then remove and dry completely.
  5. Drop the food colouring into the whipped cream and swirl with toothpicks until you get the colour and swirls you like.
  6. Place the eggs gently into the cream and dye then rotate to cover the whole egg with colour.
  7. Leave for 30min.
  8. Remove eggs and rinse away the cream for a gorgeous surprise underneath! Pat dry with a paper towel.

This was so much fun to do with my mini me. It was also surprisingly less messy than all those kits I’ve spent a fortune on over the years. It’s also almost like Christmas when you wash off the cream and see what colours and swirls have taken shape on your egg.

Because you use whipped cream and food colouring, you also don’t need to worry about chemicals in the dye and can eat your eggs once you’re done… If you can bear to break the beautiful shells.




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