Bali’s Uber Chic, Artisan Made, Boutique Hotel – Katamama

As if Bali didn’t already have enough achingly hip places to be seen, the founders of Potato Head Beach Club have just thrown open the doors to their newest family member, the Katamama Hotel. The all suite luxury property is situated next to the hipsters paradise on the shoreline of Bali’s Seminyak. Boasting 58 suites with a fine eye for detail, this hotel offers a fresh approach to the Bali experience.

Katamama Bali suite - master bedroom
The master bedroom of Katamama’s suite.

Katamama translates roughly to ‘what mama says’. Indeed the philosophy behind the decor and architecture is a ‘like home’ feel with all the perks of 5 star service.  On arrival guests head straight to their suites, rather than line up with documentation after hours of flight time and Bali traffic. Front of house staff pack portable payment units for a relaxing in-room check in experience.  If that isn’t enough to peel back the layers of post travel stress, then perhaps the complimentary in-room cocktail made by a personal bartender will do the trick.  Would Sir or Madam like that Katamama Mohito with Rum or Vodka? Take your pick, along with the selection of infused tipples that line the shelves along the extensive bar, again, in-room. There’s fresh ice on tap to boot. Long gone are the days of dashing down the corridor in a bathrobe to the ice machine.

Katamama Bali Pool Area
Poolside at Katamama.

Amongst the suites, one and two bedroom duplexes are also available, offering rooftop dining areas and hot tubs.  Call room service for a personal bartender, add a few friends and you’ll have a much encouraged rooftop party.

Katamama Bali suite rooftop jacuzzi
Katamama suite’s rooftop jacuzzi.

This hotel screams sexy, warm, friendly and fun with un-intimidating sophistication.  It’s hard to criticise.  While some of the architecture might leave you feeling it’s less Bali, more Camden, London, just a sweep of the views will bring travellers back to the volcanic sand beach and swinging palms. The bricks are such a strong design feature of the hotel and were sourced from a local Balinese company that took three years to make them. Such is the painstaking attention to detail. Most of the trinkets, fabrics and tile that make up part of the decor are created by Indonesian artisans and help to bolster home grown businesses. Katamama’s owners are keen to export to foreign travellers everything good that their country has to offer.

Katamama Bali two bedroom suite views
The view from your two-bedroom suite.

If you’re looking for Balinese tradition, massages and spaces to meditate, this hotel may not be for you even if those services are a hop away. With Seminyak’s main thoroughfares a short walk from the end of the driveway and the beach club on the doorstep, this hotel is a haven for sophisticated travellers in search of  uber chic yet understated luxury that doubles as a home from home.

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