Bochinche, Argentinean with Flair

As the lift doors opened on level 2, 22 Martin Road, I was greeted by a quirky waitress in polka dot flared skirt who cheerfully asked me who I was, let me know that my party had not arrived and took me straight over to the bar. I would have been happy to sit and watch the action. One side of the alley of leather backed bar stools, overlooks the kitchen. The other side overlooks the bar. About to order a drink, I was instead surprised by one of my companions who, it turns out, was already there and thankfully, had taken the liberty of ordering a starter (I was absolutely starving). It was the Caramelized Pork Belly, Grilled Prawns, Sweet Potato and Chorizo which was excellent with tender pork belly covered in a gooey glaze, grilled prawns and a shard of crackling perched on top of soft, smooth sweet potato. Almost did not want to share!

Caramelized pork belly with grilled prawns

As we waited for The Vegetarian to arrive, we looked through the menu and talked about our day. Why we decided to ask him along, I have no idea because Argentinean food is well known for its meat centric dishes. But we did spot a few dishes that Bochinche (pronounced as it’s written – Bo – chin – che) had on the menu that he could eat. We also had a look around, taking in the funky decor dominated by cushions each emblazoned with words that made it known that this place was for carnivores. Vegetarians would be tolerated.

The waiter knew the menu well and suggested a few items. We took some of his advice and ordered the Grilled Octopus, Green Peas and Mussels Escabeche (mussells fried and cooked in vinegar). For me, this dish was a highlight. I loved the tender octopus which was grilled and charred on the outside with plenty of salt. The peas were pureed and it all came together in quite a nice mouthful. We also had the Classic Provoleta, Almonds and Oregano Honey but it turned out rather chewy instead of molten as I had expected.( They did take it back and heat it up for us in hopes that it would return to a molten state.)

Grilled octopus, green peas & mussells escabeche

For the mains, we decided to share so each of us carnivores could try a bit of everything. We got the House Chorizo, Malbec Braised Ox Cheeks and Celeriac Mash as well as the Rib Eye (300g) and Iberico Pork Chops with Mustard and Honey Glaze. The Ox Cheeks were oh so tender and melting with juices oozing into the Celeriac Mash but I have to say the Rib Eye was even better, perfectly grilled, medium rare and served with Chimichurri sauce. Definitely, Bochinche is a meat lovers haven.

Don’t worry, The Vegetarian was pleasantly surprised with his dish of Green Asparagus, Brie and Granola (yes, like what you eat for breakfast). I will surely be going back there to try their Chimichurri Steak Burger!

Address: 22 Martin Road #02-01, 239058
Phone: 6235 4990


Images provided by Bochinche

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