Brawn & Brains, a Modern Cafe with a Bit of Heart (and Great Pastry!)

Brawn & Brains has been my solace for months now. After dearest husband moved out west for work, I’ve been doing the drive to drop him off and then stopping by at Brawn & Brains on my way home for Latte and a Finnish Pulla (cinnamon roll). It’s my place for that moment of Zen – before heading home and getting to work or a day of hanging out with my toddler.


I love their interior. Stark, concrete floors with metal chairs (in black and fluero yellow), wood top tables and full glass frontage. The coffee is amazing. Def one of my faves which is probably why I am there so often. But don’t forget the Pulla.

I love walking in there, one of the first usually. They greet me by name and a bit of a smile as if to say we knew you’d be here today. The soft scent of baked goods is in the air and then the hit of coffee aroma. If you want to chat, they will. If you want to be left alone, they’ll do that too, serving your coffee with a smile and then leaving you to be.

They have 2 of my favorite baked treats here. I can barely choose which one to have each day. The Finnish Pulla, which I’ve mentioned already. But there is also the Salted Caramel Swirl. Both house baked. To be honest, I sometimes get them both. Shhhh! I swear my Instagram feed is a homage to these treats.

Brawn & Brains Salted Caramel Swirl

I’ve also had one of their sandwiches at lunch, which was hearty and yummy. Their molten eggs at brekky is also great and I am super excited because they just announced on their Facebook page that they are now selling their own blend of coffee beans. Guess who will be there when they open on Tuesday.

Brawn & Brains
100 Guillemard Road #01-02 Singapore 399718.
T: 6348 0501.

ps. I’m always sad on a Monday when I know they aren’t open.


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