Ash + Elm, Bubbles and Brunch at the Intercontinental® Singapore

Ash + Elm, Intercontinental® Singapore’s European dining destination has just launched its new Sunday Brunch, aptly named Bubbles and Brunch. We were invited along to try it out and thoroughly enjoyed our time. Renovated late last year, their sophisticated setting is comfortable and classy, a great escape from the busy shopping hub of Bugis Junction. At the entry there is a glass room full of charcuterie and cheese. Ordinary Angela would have been content to spend much of her time there but thankfully was told that Ash + Elm also have a free flow cheese and charcuterie + 2 glasses of wine special on Thur and Fri nights (for only $38++ or instead opt for 2 glasses of Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut champagne for $48++). For a Sunday Brunch, though, there was just too much else to indulge in so we left the cheeses and moved on.

Ash + Elm cheese and charcuterie
Favourite room? Cheese and charcuterie!


The middle corridor starts with a make-your-own Bloody Mary station. All the fixings are provided, including strips of crispy bacon (which we have not seen with Bloody Mary before but… hello, it’s bacon!). A seafood station sits before the dining area. It may be small but there are still plenty of options from prawns, scallops, oysters and crab, frequently refilled so no one is left wanting.

Ash + Elm Bloody Mary Bar
The make-your-own Bloody Mary station, complete with everything you desire for your drink.

Tucked way in the dining area are the large open kitchens with gleaming stainless steel and busy chefs going about their work, busily preparing many of the 11 small plates available to order. There was also good selection of hot food, including a roast beef and salmon station. A salad-making station, where you can put together your own salads, is available if you feel like breaking up your meal with some greens. Check out the small plates of tomato and boccincini, tuna carpaccio and beef tartare at the back and to the left (almost hidden away).

Hot food buffet at Ash + Elm
Hot food options at Ash + Elm

If that wasn’t enough, there is a caviar station. (Someone please let me know if you’ve seen one of these anywhere else at a Sunday Brunch!) We don’t frequently eat caviar but Chef Eric Neo made sure to stack up several blinis for us, first with sour cream, then with chopped egg and finally, glistening pearls of caviar. The one bite was very enjoyable. We polished off each blini and left a clean plate.

Ash + Elm caviar blinis
5 perfect blinis with different types of caviar.

In addition to all this excess, there is a range of small plates (11 in total) that you can order to be delivered to your table. A delicious range of European delicacies will tempt you, all sized perfectly so you can order more than a few… and there is no limit on what you decide to try (or how many servings you’d like). Some ideas on what you can expect on the small plates menu are lobster risotto, seafood linguine, chicken roulade, Iberico pork loin and a vegetable ratatoui.

The dessert table is in the back and full of all sorts of sweetness! Here’s what each of us had to say about the experience.

Ash + Elm Dessert and Tea
Only a small selection of the many desserts available, with a nicely brewed pot of TWG Tea to finish.

Anna (@ordinarypeoplecreate) says:

The highlights for me were definitely the small plates. These were hot, freshly cooked dishes which you order. They are then served to you at your table in small enough a portion that you can select a few to eat on your own without feeling too greedy, but big enough for two to share should you want to save room to sample a bigger selection of what is on offer – this is what we opted for.

We sampled (from the small plates menu) seafood linguine, lobster risotto, foie gras bruschetta, duck confit and the beef cheek. I particularly enjoyed the freshly made seafood linguine – each strand was perfect, cooked al dente and cloaked in a rich and satisfyingly, velvety, seafood sauce – I would have been satisfied with a plateful.

Boston lobster risotto with diced asparagus, not skimping on the chunks of lobster.


Pan-fried duck foie gras on toasted brioche with blueberry compote, a bite size indulgence.

Chef Eric Neo was also on hand to show us what’s what and helped us put together a plate of blinis with different types of caviar. A first for me was the Kaluga caviar which Chef insisted that we try. Try we did, the novice that I am, and it tasted a bit fishy and a bit salty, but I enjoyed it none the less.

Noteworthy where the desserts, so pretty, I selected some of the more daintily presented ones as I’m a sucker for all things pretty. A perfect end to a rather grown-up bubble and brunch.

Angela (@ordinarypeopleexplore) says:

So nice to get away for a long, champagne brunch without kids! Loved the sleek renovation (seeing as I haven’t been here for over 10 years!) and various stations full of delicious food to select from. I opted to indulge more in the small plates, ordering quite a few to share. Loved that they came hot and made fresh to order. The braised beef cheek with mushrooms, red wine sauce and mashed potato was so tender and melting, I really enjoyed that, ensconced in its little dish to keep it warm. Also loved the seafood linguine with crustacean sauce which I loved far more than the fresh seafood at the front – maybe because I am a pasta lover or maybe because the sauce with chunks of seafood was really, very tasty. 

Ash + Elm chefs
The team behind all the great flavours at Ash + Elm.

We took a break to photograph Chef Neo and his team behind the kitchen. There were seven on hand and we had a great time getting a few shots with all of them. What a treat to see who actually prepares the food for us! But then on to continue and finish with a really lovely cup of TWG Tea to go with our sweets.

I must mention the service here. They did an excellent job in keeping our glasses full (I actually had to request no more refills!) and answering any questions we may have had. Thank you InterContinental® Singapore for hosting us this Sunday!


The Sunday Bubbles and Brunch at Ash & Elm, InterContinental® Singapore goes from noon to 3 every Sunday and costs $98++ or $138++ with free flow Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut champagne and house pour wines.

For more information on Intercontinental® Singapore, visit their website or call +65 6825 1008 for dining reservations.
Facebook: ICSingapore


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