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I love Italian food, Mr Lip loves Italian food and our kids love Italian food, but after 4 days in Rome having eaten nothing but tomatoes, cheese, prosciutto, and carbo in the form of pasta, pizza and bread, I know that I for one was longing for something else. So when Mr Lip decided to lead us by foot under the beating July Roman sun to yet another “little Italian gem” named “La Prosciutteria”, jumping for joy I certainly was not.


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A hole in the wall: outside seating at La Prosciutteria


Finally seated and off my feet, the only other thing I wanted was to cool down. The help yourself ice cold free water fountain answered my prayers (a legacy of Roman past, free fresh water fountains are located throughout the city) and I was able to take in my environment with un resenting eyes.

La Prosciutteria is a small, almost hole in the wall kind of joint. Rustic in style with a single roomy table for 2 or an extremely friendly five on the outside. On entry half of the space is taken up by the counter running down one side with the other half making up the walkway, service area and part of the dining area. The back opens out to a few more substantial tables and we managed to get the one right at the far end.


La Prosciutteria, rome, italy, italian food, roma, italian restaurant, casual dining
Serving area and narrow walkway with perching stools and tables for two at La Prosciutteria


The atmosphere was jovial and soon my spirits began to lift. We ordered a medium platter of mixed charcuterie and a couple of glasses of red. Not long after we arrived the place began to fill up so we had just missed the rush. A mix of music from the 80’s and 90’s mostly English and a few Italian songs where pumping out and the two little ones began to enjoy themselves too.

Our platter arrived upon a rustic wooden board laden with an assortment of artfully draped charcuterie and accompaniments. We helped ourselves to the plastic plates and cutlery and got stuck in (I must say that the plastic serve wear was the only thing I would have changed about this experience). The table next to us consisted of 6 adults and they must have ordered the full size platter with bells on because what they got made us feel more than a little envious, I was especially eyeing up the artichoke hearts which we did not get on ours as I was particularly hankering after them on this trip but sadly did not manage to find at any other restaurant (apparently they were not in season).


La prosciutteria, sharing plate, rome, italy, italian restaurant
Our half board at La Prosciutteria


Happy customers, instagrammable, Italian restaurant, Rome, Italy
Our neighbouring table, six happy customers


I find “sharing platters” are alway a success when we dine with the kids at unknown venues as there is always at least one thing that they will eat. As it happens most of what was on offer (it was Italian after all) was a hit with my two little monkeys and Mr Lip and I dutifully but not begrudgingly finished off the rest (we where glad at this point that we didn’t order the larger platter).

La Prosciutteria specialise in locally produced food (particularly from the Tuscan region). Half and full platters are popular choices but you can also go à la carte if you know your exact preferences. They also have an extensive wine list – happy days!

We throughly enjoyed our experience, the kids were dancing out of the shop and I left feeling lighter on my feet and ready for the second round of sightseeing that Mr Lip was about to put us through.


la prosciutteria, Italy, Rome, Tuscany, Toscana, wine, red wine, Italian Wine
Wines available by the bottle or glass


La prosciutteria Logo


Address: Via della Panetteria, 34A
00187 Roma
Phone: +39 06 6456 2839
Web: La Prosciutteria


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