Legendary Hong Kong – Casual Cantonese in Jurong

Legendary Hong Kong is a simple Hong Kong-styled restaurant or Cha Chan Teng (translated as Tea Restaurant) as it is commonly known in Hong Kong. It manages to capture the best elements that this type of place has to offer and replicate it brilliantly in Singapore.

The food is top notch, the prices are affordable, the service is efficient and the place is clean. The simple metal framed chairs, tightly arranged tables, mosaic tiles, chubby booth seats and walls filled with tacky photos really gives the place an authentic feel.

Legendary Hong Kong Restaurant seating
Legendary Hong Kong Restaurant seating
Legendary Hong Kong Restaurant Interior
Legendary Hong Kong Restaurant Interior

There are 4 categories of food on offer at Legendary Hong Kong. The most popular category is the Roast Duck and Char Siew and that’s what we kicked off with. The London Roast Duck lived up to the hype. The skin was crispy and the meat was tasty and juicy. Brings me back to a famous roast duck restaurant by the name of Four Seasons in London. The roast pork was also great. Crunchy and thin skin crowning a tasty pork chunk. Hainanese chicken was soft and juicy. Delicious with the ginger and spring onion condiment. Char Siew was meaty with a good touch of sweetness. Overall, top class barbecue meat. Good ingredients executed brilliantly.

London Roast Duck
London Roast Duck Half Portion (S$30.00)

Moving on to their Noodle and Congee (rice porridge) menu, I zoomed in to their selection of Wan Tan Mee. As you will find in Hong Kong (though in Hong Kong, its called Won Ton Mien and generally is only described this way if served with Won Tons), there is a wide variety of meat or toppings/side combinations that you can have. I picked the Braised Beef Brisket and Tendon Soup Noodles. I am not usually a fan of the Hong Kong style Wan Tan Mee, where the noodles are done in a more al-dente manner and there is a strong taste of alkaline but thought I should give it another go. The braised beef brisket and tendons were wholesome. Melt-in-your-mouth juicy beef. The soup was tasty but not over-powering the subtly of the dish. A good wholesome bowl of noodles.

Braised Beef Brisket Noodles
Braised Beef Brisket & Tendon Soup Noodles (S$6.80)

Third up was their Traditional Bread and Tart menu. It had to be the Custard Crust Bun (or also known as Pineapple Bun), a Crispy Egg Tart and a nice hot cup of homely Hong Kong Milk Tea. For the uninitiated, the Hong Kong Milk Tea is a unique strong black tea served with evaporated milk to give it silkiness and a side serving of sugar syrup to add to taste. They do a wicked one here. The bun and egg tart was good, but was a touch cold for my liking.

Legendary Hong Kong Milk Tea and Egg Custard Tarts
Legendary Hong Kong Milk Tea (Hot S$2.20) and Egg Custard Tarts (S$1.80 each)
Custard Crust Bun (S$2.50 each)
Custard Crust Bun (S$2.50 each)

I didn’t get to try anything from their Dim Sum (fourth) menu this time round, but I will be back to fulfil the task.

Red bean Pomelo
Red Bean with Ice Cream S$5.20 Honey and Pomelo Tea S$2.80

This restaurant is child friendly. There are baby chairs and plenty of room for prams.It charges 10% for service charge and 7% GST.

Legendary Hong Kong
63 Jurong West Central 3,
Provisional Unit #03-80
Jurong Point 2 Shopping Center
S 64833
+65 6794 1335

Visit Legendary Hong Kong Website

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