Top Three Coffee Spots of the Week (Round 1 by Your Request): 4 to 10 Sep 2016

Cafe culture in Singapore is thriving and I for one am rejoicing. Not only do I love the dark elixir, but I take great joy in finding a spot to sit, think, drink coffee and maybe indulge in a sweet treat (or three ;)). I find them on Instagram, through word of mouth or by driving by something that looks like it’d be interesting to try. I have a list of cafes on my phone where I add in names of places to go and the list grows almost faster than I have a chance to visit them! Feel free to suggest a place for me to visit. I love finding new spots!

Recently a reader of Ordinary People requested an editor’s top 10 list but picking 10 to commit to as my top was going to be a challenge. There are SO many great options out there now and my favourite changes based on mood, where I am that week or who I’m drinking with. So instead I’ll tell you about my top three coffee drinking spots for this last week. The week past was a busy one for me, running around the island from East to West so I’ve picked my favourites that I’ve dropped into for meetings, to kill time or just to enjoy a nice serene environment. Hope you enjoy these picks! And if you go by any of them, tell them that they were my top three for the week.


Wheelers Yard

A fantastic cafe hidden in a back road of Balestier. It had been on my list of places to go for over a year and it presents beautifully on Instagram where I had found it. As its name implies, this is the place for serious bikers and riders (or MAMLs as I’ve heard them called – middle aged men in lycra). From the imposing blue doors that front the warehouse, wander to the right and around the back. For a second you may think you’re in the wrong place but eventually you’ll see the glass doors with the cafe housed inside. It overlooks the bike shop with a plethora of bikes and supplies for any road rider.



Inside is cool and fun with coffee beans sourced from a local roaster. Their latte was very good. Because I had randomly dropped in around lunch time, I ordered the Salmon Bento with Onsen egg and loved it. A great spot for friends to catch up, even if it is a little off the beaten track.


28 Lorong Ampas, Singapore 328781
Phone: (Cafe) 62549128, (Bike) 97261183

Opening hours:
Tues–Thurs: 10.30am – 10pm
Fri & Sat: 10.30am – 11pm
Sun: 10.30am – 10pm
Closed on Mondays except for Public Holidays
*Last order 30 mins before closing

You can also book on Chope.

Facebook: wheelersyard
Instagram: wheelersyard


Stamping Ground

Recently opened, this place has a yummy sticky bun that had me here not once but twice this week. I came with my feisty 20 month year old who also ate most of the buns for me.


The week prior I had been here for lunch with friends and enjoyed the Pastrami with Sriracha Mayo. Coffee is roasted by Papa Palheta and I have yet to find a cafe who serves a Papa Palheta blend that I have disliked. I love the coffee at Stamping Ground and the cool, relaxed environment is a welcome break to the busy run-about lifestyle that I live. Be it for a bit of time with my little one that is not a heaving play center or for a catch up with my girlfriends, Stamping Ground is now a firm favourite on the East. They share space with a florist and ever so often the smell of dried blooms will drift over but all in all, it adds to the beauty of the environment.


87 Upper East Coast Rd, 455223
Phone: 9070 7610Opening hours:
Tue to Sun: 9am to 6pm (check Facebook and Instagram for updates)

Facebook: Stamping-Ground-Coffee
Instagram: stampinggroundcoffee


Necessary Provisions

This hidden away corner cafe was another Instagram find that had been on my list of places to visit for a while. I’m not often in the Upper Bukit Timah area but because we are looking for a new neighborhood to live in, we were in the vicinity so I directed hubby down the back alleys and finally found Necessary Provisions. We were there too early for their full menu so I had their $4 Mum’s bee hoon which took me back to childhood days of bee hoon in a hawker center.


The Vegetarian had heirloom tomato and bocconcini sandwich ($9) which he said was good too. The menu basically consists of Croque Monsiour, three sandwiches and the bee hoon, but I bet if I had come back after 3pm, I would have enjoyed their full offering.  Coffee was yummy and just what was needed after dashing around looking at apartments – smooth, creamy lattes made by a friendly barista on their beautiful retro looking coffee machine.


21 Eng Kong Terrace, Singapore 598993
Tel: 9231 7920

Opening hours:
Wed to Fri: 3pm-midnight
Sat: 11am – midnight
Sun: 11am – 6pmFacebook: necessaryprovisions


Come back again for my next instalment of Top 3 Cafés and if you have a cafe you’d like to recommend, comment below or send us an email at

Please note that I pop into these cafes randomly and pay for my own coffee and meals.

Cover photo of Necessary Provisions. All images by Angela Manners.

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