The Hangar, my Favourite Café on Arab Street

The Hangar on Arab Street was suggested by a friend and frequent coffee buddy after she chanced upon it while buying ribbons (just across the street at Kin Soon Pte Ltd). She, whom I shall call the Gorgeous S, has since moved to the UK (read her story on finding Singaporean flavours in London here) and I miss our meet ups because the conversation was always engaging and it was never without a good cup of coffee. So when the Gorgeous S said that I had to try this little spot, I headed down there on our next free morning.

I found The Hanger to be a cosy little café, dark inside and easy to miss from the outside. I like to warn my friends that it’s a “dive”, but it’s friendly. And the coffee is great!

The Hanger roasts their own beans under the brand Sxy Coffee and that it is. I told the helpful barista to give me whatever she would recommend and I got a long black with a nice thick layer of crema on top. “Let it settle a bit”, she told me. I did so while ordering their smashed avocado on homemade sourdough topped with crumbles of feta, sprigs of mint, a drizzle of good olive oil and served with a wedge of lemon. Yum. Yum.  This is what I usually have when I go to The Hanger, but since my first visit, I have been there often and am now obsessed with their homemade beans on toast.

Our typical brekky which we tend to fight over and not share.
Our typical brekky which we tend to fight over and not share.

I also love their sandwiches. Once I had a steak sandwich that was simply awesome, washed it down with their homemade ginger, lemon and mint soda and left completely satisfied.

Homemade ginger, lemon and mint soda is the best on a hot Singapore day.

The coffee, after it settled, was delish – chocolaty and smooth. I even didn’t mind it long and black instead of my usual latte. It was rather nice to sit on those hard wooden benches, chatting and watching an eclectic group of people wander in and out, most of whom were recognised by the staff and warmly welcomed.

At the next table over, someone had ordered the muesli which also looked delicious, so I leaned over and took a photo of it…  How rude! (I promise that I’m not in the habit of doing this but The Hangar has such a friendly vibe that you kinda feel like all people here are your friends.) It turned out that the muesli belonged to the owner of the cafe who filled us in on his little cafe and more of his adventures.

The owner's muesli. Says something about the food when the person who owns it eats it.
The owner’s muesli. Says something about the food when the person who owns it eats it.

At the Hangar, they bake their own sourdough with starter brought over from Melbourne. Nice and dense with just the right amount of tang. I have quite happily bought half a loaf to take home with me. I think what I love about The Hangar is that it has that Aussie/Melbourne café vibe to it. The food is great, the atmosphere funky and sure, sometimes it is packed, busy and crowded but it is a really small space that is big on character.

The Hangar, Arab Street
Very easy to miss, The Hangar on Arab Street is big on personality.

They’ve since also opened The Broth House next door that does a menu of Asian bites, noodle bowls, soups and salads. I went there one of the first couple weeks it was open so I think I’ll let them settle in before writing on that. Don’t worry, they’ve put a hole (literally) in the wall so you can order their Sxy coffee from next door.

For more information:

The Hangar – 25 Arab Street, Singapore
T: 6291 0127

Facebook: thehangarsg

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