How to Completely Disappear from Facebook Without Even Trying

Thanks everyone for helping us out and logging a complaint with Facebook to get us back. We’re now back online and are so grateful for you, our community! Original post is below and status updates at the very bottom.

It’s simple really. Just start up a little website and spend six months putting your heart and soul into it. Build a teeny, tiny community of people who love your content and use your Facebook page as an avenue to share. Your community can also share your stories and stories about themselves to their Facebook feed and then wham! One day, it might all just disappear. At once, without notice, without explanation. It might completely disappear, from every feed on Facebook, not just the Facebook page you started. From every single reference there was – shares by friends, family, businesses and people highlighted with pride… It really is that simple. You don’t have to do anything…

That is what has happened to  Our Facebook page was working at 6pm on Thursday the 14th of July and by 9.21pm, it was gone. Completely, utterly and really surprisingly! Yes, we did contact Facebook help. To date, we’ve had no response from Facebook (now being Monday, 18th of July).

First off, if our content is offensive, please let us know. It may just be that we had no idea that our stories were questionable or our content was inappropriate. We love every article we put online. We’ve all spent time, love and energy to bring to you the stories we care about… But you can tell us directly at if you’re offended, we can take it, really, so just let us know.

Secondly, to everyone who has shared Ordinary People stories. We are really, very sorry that anything you cared enough about to share on your Facebook feeds have disappeared! We know that space on your feeds are valuable. Thank you so much. And if you have paid to boost posts linking to us, we’re even sorrier because we know that your budgets are important to you. 

Thirdly, we don’t profess to be social media experts and if we’ve made an error or just don’t know any better, we’d be happy to be schooled and fix up what we can. We have no idea why we have disappeared from Facebook. It is like Ordinary People never existed there. How does an entire page and all its references completely and utterly disappear? There are a few theories that people have come up with since Thursday. Feel free to add yours to the comments below. We would love to hear them!

I suppose we could be blamed for not owning our own destiny and for relying on social media to spread the word about us. Like so many small businesses, we have hoped that social media would be a valuable tool. Thank goodness, our website is still alive and well! If we were selling goods or making money off links to Facebook, we’d be worried about a loss of income! But to date, we haven’t earned a penny. Lesson learned. Before we move forward, we’re taking back our control and we won’t be relying on Facebook for bread and butter. Cake, yes, maybe – because no business can completely ignore social media – and that is, of course, if we can get ourselves back on Facebook. But in the meantime we’ll make use of what we do own. Subscribe to us, check back or follow us on Twitter @ordinary_ink so we can let you know what we will be doing. We will also be working on a newsletter for you.

We would love to be back on Facebook and if you would like to see us back there too, please help us out.

Go to this link:

And explain to them why you think our page ( was blocked in error. It’s important to mention our URL so they know who you are talking about. Please take a screenshot of your request so we can collect these, and send it to us at or any other way you know to reach either me, Sarah or Anna.

An example of what you could post.
An example of what you could post.

To Facebook, thank you for giving us the opportunity to re-evaluate our strategy. For allowing us to send a message to all Ordinary People and businesses, from the very smallest ones to the largest ones in the world, THANK YOU for letting us know loud and clear that any effort on our part can completely and utterly disappear in a moment without any explanation from you. And without any knowing effort on our part.

And finally, I am sorry for sounding grumpy about this. It could be something very simple like my toddler accidentally deleted the page or a glitch in the system that Facebook is trying to fix before getting back to me. It could be as silly as us not properly setting up the page,  using the wrong terminology or not following a rule that we didn’t know about. I am more than happy to own up to my naivete in everything but after almost two working days (four total) of our own wonder, I thought I needed to let everyone know why we were gone.

If you can share this, please use #luvordinary

PS. avoid using our URL on any Facebook or Instagram posts because we would be horrified if you were blacklisted as well!

STATUS UPDATE. As of 6.26pm on the 19th of July, our Facebook account was back online. Thank you everyone for your support, writing in, sharing and logging the error to Facebook! You are awesome.

9.08pm, 21 July 2016:  We haven’t heard anything from Facebook about why or what happened.

24 July: We got this lovely notice from Facebook. No other explanation has been forthcoming despite asking around through various channels.Facebook Screenshot

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