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Starting something new can always feel daunting. No matter what you’re trying to do, sometimes it can just feel a bit “hard” to get going. Luckily in this day and age, we can all rely on the wisdom of the internet to give us that helping hand to get started…..or in this case, 🙂

I recently read a statistic that said women put an average of 168 chemicals on their faces and bodies everyday! I was shocked but not surprised. Following on from my last post, where I talked about my journey into natural and clean beauty, I thought I should share with you some of the brands and products I’m currently using and where to find them.

Beauty is by no means a one size fits all kind of thing, so this is definitely not a “must buy” guide. I’d like to share with you what I’ve explored so far and why, my honest thoughts on the products I’ve used and of course where to buy them. This week, I’m starting with skincare. My next post will focus on cosmetics. So here goes….get your notepads (or Facebook “save link” button) ready! 



Producers of natural, vegan lip balm made from fair trade, organic and raw ingredients. All purchases support the producers of the ingredients themselves and each tube of Hurraw! is individually poured in their own facility to ensure its integrity. Available in a variety of flavours from mint and vanilla bean to chai spice and coffee bean….what’s not to love! 

The tubes are cute and oval shaped which is fun and a bit different. They are super compact and easy to carry around and come in an assortment of fun flavours. 

I use: Hurraw! Moon Balm by night and SPF 15 Sun Balm by day. The balms are soft and easy to apply, they don’t leave a sticky residue nor do they have an overwhelming (read: synthetic!) flavour. They are balms not glosses so I tend to use them as a base if I plan to apply to colour or gloss. I enjoy using the products but for myself, I do need to apply frequently as I have quite dry lips. 

Available for Singapore delivery on with free international delivery over £30.



One of the pioneers of the current non-toxic beauty movement, Tata Harper products are made largely from ingredients grown on her farm in Vermont and produced in small batches. She started her company when her father-in-law was diagnosed with skin cancer and she realised that it was time to examine what she put into and on her body. Her goal was to create products that were free from synthetic ingredients and prove that natural products can also be effective. She has produced a line of products that are 100% natural and non-toxic, and now has an established following and reputation.

The Tata Harper products are beautifully presented in vivid green bottles, jars and packaging made from recyclable glass and paper. They cover all your skincare and make up needs. She also buys renewable energy to run her manufacturing facilities in Vermont and believes that you should practice what you preach. Talk about a sustainable and ethical champion! 

I use: Tata Harper Restorative Eye Cream. I chose it because it met my specific concerns at the time and it included organically farmed ingredients and clinical grade essential oils. I’ve been using this for over 3 months and am still on my first bottle (15ml) despite applying it twice daily! The packaging is eye catching and brightening in itself. The texture of the cream is soft and smooth on application. 

Tata’s Harpers full range of products are available to buy at Beauty Candy in Mandarin Gallery.



Another cult favourite, Odacité was founded by Parisienne Valerie Grandury, who upon being diagnosed with breast cancer, decided to take her healing into her own hands and went back to school to become a health and wellness coach. On this journey, she started the process of removing toxins from her life, but when it came to skincare, she didn’t want to sacrifice on performance of the products. She started blending custom made skincare from high grade plant extracts and oils, and Odacité was born. Certified 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free by PETA, Odacité uses certified organic ingredients and are made in California. The best thing about Odacité? They offer 18 concentrated serums which are ultra-targeted for specific skin issues. However, they are produced in small batches to ensure quality and freshness of ingredients so be prepared to wait your turn until a fresh batch is prepared if the product you want is out of stock!  

I use: Pa + G, Papaya & Geranium, to address hyperpigmentation & BI + C, Black Cumin & Cajeput, to address pimples. The bottles are 5ml each so easy to carry and packed with natural organic goodness! I apply both directly to my skin although they can be mixed with your moisturiser as well. Both oils have a beautiful silky texture and delicate (but not overpowering) fragrance. They are non-greasy and sink into your skin without leaving a residue or shine. I really enjoy using them and it feels like I’m giving my skin a healthy yet luxurious treat…..I plan to try more of the range! 

Available to buy at or one of their outlets.



Suki is a comprehensive range of skincare products by skin type and condition. Described by the founder Suki Kramer as “strong and safe”, “high-potency products with 100% pure concentrated ingredients from only botanical content” – can it be possible? I guess we’ll have to try them to find out! Suki’s ethos is based on the now proven theory that our skin is an expression of what’s going on inside our body. So to address the skin issues, the products have to penetrate deep but be safe and unharmful for our bodies. 

I use: Brightening Serum, Strengthening Toner, Nourishing Facial Oil for night, Nourishing Day Cream and Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser

Suki skincare comes in clean, glass bottles which give the feeling of a “tonic” that will be good for you 🙂 The products are very easy to use, with no overwhelming fragrance but a sense of clean and pure ingredients. Everytime I use them, I feel like I’m being kind to myself, my body and my skin. My skin feels soft and clean and happy! 

Available to buy at


All good things take time…and work! Natural products are not going to include the miracle cream that makes you look 10 years younger overnight.

Nor are they going to have an immediate impact on problematic skin. They are going to heal you’re skin naturally, and nature takes time and patience. They are going to penetrate your skin with natural, non-toxic, powerful ingredients that will bring out the best in you over time, healing you from the inside out. 

Like fad diets, you’re always allowed a cheat day, but you only get out what you put in! The idea with nature and going back to basics whether it’s in your skincare or your diet, is to give it the benefit of the doubt and your best shot. Your body and your skin have carried you through life and brought you this far…’s time to give back and show your skin you care and you understand what your putting into it. Give it a try, I can promise it won’t hurt you! 

Feature image by Femke Tewari. All other images by Sunaina Patel.

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