Turning a Passion into a Business: No Nasties Skincare

An interview with Lynsey Lim, founder and creator of Handmade Heroes

From the age of 16, Lynsey Lim was creating her own skincare products. Not only did she create her own items, but her passion for all things natural led her to craft products using only the best quality and natural ingredients. Growing up, she watched  her mum do research at home on practical, natural living. Once Lynsey discovered that she could craft her own skincare products, she was hooked. She made her products as a hobby – one that she was passionate about.

Fast forward a few years and we come to wedding preparations by Lynsey’s sister. Lynsey was asked to create beautiful skincare giftpacks for the bridesmaids as thank you gifts. Generating these giftpacks was the beginning for Handmade Heroes. Even now, the packaging is similar to the appreciation gifts made for her sister on her wedding.

Image provided by Handmade Heroes
Image provided by Handmade Heroes

Completely vegan and paraben-free, Handmade Heroes line of products include yummy lip scrubs, soothing lip balms and tints, body scrubs, face masks, dry shampoo and even make-up remover. We’ve tried the products and they are delicious. Literally. There are no artificial ingredients so you can eat them, if you’d like. This works especially for the lip balms. We also loved the cute and sassy packaging which stays true to the initial gifts of thanks that started Handmade Heroes.

I sat down with Lynsey to chat to her about her products. Just in her mid 20’s, I found Lynsey to be a great source of inspiration for anyone,  young and old, who would like to turn a passion into a business.

Image provided by Handmade Heroes
Image provided by Handmade Heroes

What’s your background? Were you always in the beauty industry?

Not at all, I actually studied finance in Melbourne after which I moved back home to Singapore. Skincare was a hobby that I loved.

How did you get started with Handmade Heroes then?

From very young, I was already making my own skincare products. Once I made the gift packs for my sisters wedding, I started getting requests from friends and family. I decided that I could turn it into a business. While selling at a pop-up market, I was spotted by Isetan who then sponsored me. This happened within a month and a half of starting the business! It was a bit of luck and passion combined.

Are Handmade Heroes products still completely handmade?

Yes. Besides myself, I also employ from the Friends of the Disabled. It’s a social enterprise that helps disabled individuals create their own future. We’re really proud and happy to be supporting this business and the people we employ are happy to work with us too.

Out of your line of products, what are your personal favourites?

I love the lip tints and dry shampoo, but we also make scrubs, face mists, a no rinse cleanser and we hope to expand into a facial line and natural deodarants. If you’re new to Handmade Heroes, I would suggest starting with the lip tints.

What would you say to anyone who has a passion they would like to turn into a business?

Just go for it, you really don’t know what you’re capable of until you do it. You might surprise yourself!

Thanks for spending some of your precious time with us, Lynsey!

Handmade Heroes is available at Isetan Scotts, selected Naiise outlets as well as Amazon.

Image provided by Handmade Heroes
Image provided by Handmade Heroes

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