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An interview with Lara Hopkinson, Owner and Chief “Moo” of Madie Moo.

The second brand from The Attaby Collective that we are thrilled to introduce to you is Madie Moo. No stranger to pop-ups and boutique fairs, Madie Moo’s collection is synonymous with fun. Looking through the brands represented, a general theme can be seen. Madie Moo brings in adorable clothing for children that work well in our tropical heat and are easy, yet comfortable to wear. Pretty dresses, tops/bottoms and jumpsuits for girls come in florals, bright colours or with gorgeous hand stitched detailing. Dashing tops and bottoms for boys are available in fun prints and easy to match shorts.

Coco and Ginger from Madie Moo

What started out as a home business by a mum looking for something different has turned into a multi-label brand that represents nine great labels specialising in clothes and cute kids things. Lara’s first collection was actually handmade from her home with an old sewing machine but after her first 20 pieces sold out online within two hours, she realised that she needed another option for Madie Moo. With tenacity and a gift of persuasion, she went to Bali and convinced her first two brands (Coco and Ginger and Kidsagogo) that they would do well to have Madie Moo represent them in Singapore. From there, she approached Bambeado and ‘lil Fairy Door. After four years of growing her business, she is now the one being approached by brands who would like to add their label to her portfolio.


Ordinary People got the chance to talk to this busy mum about Madie Moo and how it all began.

What was your background before going into childrenswear?

My background is Credit Management. A slight change of career path for me, however since I was a teenager my dream has always been to be working in kids fashion. I just love everything about it.

What was the start for Madie Moo? Where did it all begin?

Madie Moo came about six months after my daughter was born. It started in my study with a few sewing patterns and a sewing machine. The business grew overnight and with a six month old baby it was difficult for me to keep up with demand. This instigated a trip to Bali where I approached some of my favourite children clothing brands who had no representation in Singapore. The meetings obviously went well and today we represent quite a few of those brands.


What was the most important lesson you learned when starting your business?

I have learnt a lot setting up my own business but mainly that running a small business means you wear a lot of hats. I get to do everything from marketing, to managing social media accounts, looking through look books and choosing what I believe will become a best seller, managing all the finances, website management, and the list goes on!

What would you say to anyone who would like to start their own kidswear line?

Like everything in life, it is hard work but at the same time it is so much fun. The main thing is that you love what you do, everything else will fall into place. Running my own business has undoubtedly been one of the best and most fun experiences of my life.

Romper from Madie Moo

Brands represented by Madie Moo include Bambeado, Kidsagogo, Coco and Ginger, Duduk, Ginger Monkey, Kooshboo, BaeBeeBoo and Weirdo Kate. Madie Moo also stocks ‘lil Fairy Door (for those of us who still believe in fairies). These tiny doors can sit anywhere in your little ones rooms and are just too cute.

Little Fairy Door from Madie Moo


For more information on Madie Moo:

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Lara, founder of Madie Moo

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