Maison by Amanda Dyer – Beyond the 360 with Luxury Scented Candles

An interview with Amanda, Founder of Maison by Amanda Dyer

The third brand from The Attaby Collective that we are pleased to be highlighting is Maison by Amanda Dyer, a chic homeware brand that produces a signature collection of luxury candles. Brought to you by Amanda Dyer, international model and serial entrepreneur, the Collection Privee range – Calm, Focus and Play took a year to produce, working with top fragrance specialists from Paris.

Maison by Amanda Dyer Signature Series

Ordinary People found out a little more about Amanda and how Maison by Amanda Dyer went from an obsession with luxury candles to a business with distribution in four countries.

Amanda was just 15 when she started her career as an international fashion model in Japan. Travelling far away from her home in Canada, her career took her to the global capitals of style, working with designers and brands enviable to most young models. She now lives in Singapore, actively pursuing her various projects. We find it rather fitting that Amanda’s passion project, Maison by Amanda Dyer brings you back to the home where her scents take center stage.


With such an illustrious career in fashion, how did you come around to developing a range of luxury candles?

Candles have always played a big role in my life – I simply adore them. Actually, the obsession is really with scents in general. I think it started early in life and slowly captivated me. I literally have 100 different types of candles in my home and one day decided that I would start my own range. It was a long journey as it took nearly 12 months to get my scents right.

You also run two online magazines and AND you are an active social influencer and brand ambassador. How do you manage to balance all your different projects?

I’m blessed that I’ve been given the opportunity to do so many things that I love but it can be overwhelming at times. To keep abreast and organized, I keep a pretty tight calendar and follow some basic rules. My children come first so mornings and after-school is all about them. My partners & customers know this and I only take business meetings when they are at school. After they go to bed, I’ll work till 2am typically – answering emails, fulfilling orders and feeding my social media platforms.

It’s all about structure and discipline.. get that right and you can balance anything! 


In addition to your various projects, you have a passion for connecting and empowering momprenuers. Where did you get the inspiration for this?

I’ve been living in Singapore for over 10 years (and much longer in Asia), and I have experienced first-hand how difficult it can be to be an expat trying to get a business off the ground – let alone, being a mother too. Due to my presence on social media, I have so many women writing in asking me for advice, guidance and connections that I decided to launch Mompreneur 360 – Singapore’s first platform that empowers Mompreneurs to connect and get inspired.

I feel that it’s my duty to help others like me.

Back to Maison by Amanda Dyer, how did you come up with the scent profile for your 3 signature candles?

We worked with a Parisian scent expert and the process took 12 months. I knew exactly what type of scents I wanted and thankfully we managed to capture what was in my head and created 3 very popular scents – something for everyone, for every occasion.

Maison by Amanda Dyer

Which is your favourite scent from your collection?

It really depends on my mood. You see, I developed the scents to accompany 3 different moods. The PLAY candle is great if you wanted to spice things up in the bedroom or simply have a dinner party to spark up. I burn the CALM candle when I’m in the bath or doing some yoga at home. While the FOCUS candle can be found burning in my office.

What’s coming up next for Maison by Amanda Dyer?

We have some really cool brand collaborations in the pipeline. I love working with other artists to create limited edition pieces and we have some super cool concepts coming live soon. Stay tuned.

What would you say to anyone who in interested in starting their own lifestyle brand?

What are you waiting for?

A few important things to keep in mind are: (a) Know who your audience is, (b) Know what they want (c) How is your product different to others like it in the market? Then, just go for it.. I’m all about encouraging people to “start” – never let the fear of failure stop you.


Be sure and discover Maison by Amanda Dyer at The Attaby Collective, upstairs at 76 Haji Lane from 7th of May to 4th of June.


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