No Churn Ice Cream. Naughty and Nice.

One of the easiest sweet treats that you can ever make (and one with the fewest ingredients) is this No Churn Ice Cream. It’s so easy and simple that it seems a little wrong to even call it a recipe. But have this little trick in your recipe book and you won’t be sorry.

Read on to see the basic “naughty” recipe and ideas on how to take it up a notch or three. Then read on for a healthy vegan version shared by Sarah.

You will need
(for the basic naughty version)

  • 400ml double cream
  • 125ml sweet condensed milk


  1. Add both of your ingredients into a large bowl. Whisk till soft peaks are formed.
  2. Empty mixture into a container with a tight fitting lid – such as an old plastic ice cream container.
  3. Freeze for 8 hours or over night.
no churn ice cream
Ready for the freezer
no churn ice cream
no churn ice cream
Ready to eat!

Ta da, like magic you have a super creamy smooth, ice cream treat without the hassle of making a custard or buying an ice cream maker.

Tip – If like me you have weak arms it’s a good idea to use an electric or stand mixer as it can take a lot of hand whisking to get it to peak. However it can be easy to over whisk so check at intervals or whisk to about 90% done and finish by hand.

So, as delightful as this “recipe” is on its own, I like to experiment or add a little something extra from time to time or especially if I’m serving to guests.

no churn ice cream

no churn ice cream

Sometimes I like to mix in flavourings or crumbled treats before freezing, sprinkle goodies on top before serving, or a combination of the two – you can really have fun with this. You can also use this ice cream like you might any other. Serve with hot apple pie or brownie. Go retro and make a banana split or a fancy sundae.

Examples of good tried and tested flavour combos

Add together with other ingredients before whisking:

  • 25ml Instant coffee powder, or
  • 25ml Coffee liquor

Swirl in after mixing and before freezing:

  • Cooled fruit coolie such as raspberry (aka raspberry ripple)

Swirl in after mixing and before freezing:

  • Runny salted caramel

Then sprinkle with crushed honeycomb chocolate and sea salt flakes before serving.

Other interesting combos on my radar:

  • Basil and strawberry
  • Black pepper pistachio
  • Blueberry lavender


For those who just can’t bring themselves to this level of indulgence or simply want to try a more virtuous version, here is Sarah’s equally yummy (but different) vegan version.


Creamy Vegan Banana Ice Cream 

With just one ingredient this is probably the easiest ‘healthy’ ice-cream you’ll ever make.

I make it for my girls on a hot afternoon, sometimes just as the recipe describes or I may add in other fresh fruits and occasionally even chocolate chips, delicious!

You will need

  • 1 Medium bunch of ripe bananas
  • Freezer bags or airtight freezer container
  • Food processor or high speed blender


  1. Roughly chop your bananas up and place them in an airtight freezer bag or box
  2. Freeze for two hours or overnight
  3. Gently pulse in a food processes or high speed blender on a medium setting, I use a Vitamix. The bananas will slowly go from gooey to smooth.
  4. Transfer to a container and freeze again until solid or serve immediately if you prefer a soft-scoop consistency

Mix in ideas

  1. Try adding defrosted frozen berries into your blended bananas before re-freezing. The ripe bananas are very sweet which naturally counters the tartness of the berries. If you prefer to sweeten them further, try stirring a little agave into the berries before adding to the blended bananas
  2. Other ideas include desiccated coconut, Cacao nibs or chopped dates. Add all of these to your blended bananas before re-freezing

Healthy toppings ideas

  1. Keep it simple by serving just the frozen bananas with a sprinkling of fresh berries, chopped cashew nuts or cinnamon



Creamy Vegan Banana Recipe by Sarah Shaw

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