Thomas Sabo Autumn/Winter 2016 Sterling Silver “Together” Collection


Ordinary People were invited last Thursday 18th August to the award-winning Tippling Club in Tanjong Pagar to attend the Singapore launch of the Thomas Sabo A/W 2016 “Together” Jewellery and watches collection.

Lars Schmidt, Sales Director Asia for the Thomas Sabo brand was there to give a talk about the collection. We were in for a treat as the entire collection was laid out on display for us to browse and try on, all whilst being fed and watered with an array of delicious canapés and mocktails designed by the Tippling Club especially for the event.

Thomas sabo, models, jewellery
Models at the launch showing off different pieces from the latest A/W 2016 collection.


After the presentation, I managed to corner Lars as he was on his way to the bar to ask him a few questions about the brand and the new collection. He tells me that travel always plays an important role behind every new collection and this one is no exception. Creative director Susanne Kolbli is always on the look out for inspiration in different cultures and trying to spot (and create) new trends. Thomas Sabo are purposely diverse in their range to include items for different ages and occasions, believing that their jewellery can be your 24-7 companion given the mix and match and layering possibilities across their collections.

Lars Schmidt, Sales Director Asia Thomas Sabo
Lars Schmidt, Sales Director Asia giving a presentation at the recent launch.


With Thomas Sabo expansion plans currently focussing in Asia, Lars confirms that in part the Asian inspired emblems in the new collection were incorporated into the range to appeal to this market, pointing out that the Asian taste for jewellery is often for deep and meaningful symbols.
I asked how Thomas Sabo might position themselves differently in Asia (particularly Singapore) when compared to Europe or America and he surprised me with an idea I that hadn’t really crossed my mind before “With the hot and humid weather that we live in, it is hard for individuals to express themselves through their choice of apparel, this is where accessories can come into their own when mixed and matched in different ways“.

Thomas Sabo, Karma Beads, Couple, Glam and Soul
Image from Thomas Sabo look book. Image credit: Thomas Sabo


When I asked Lars about the Thomas Sabo design language and which design elements were core to the design process, he was enthusiastic in his reply, that anyone familiar with Thomas Sabo jewellery would recognise a piece (even one they had not previously seen before) just by looking at the design style and seeing the wonderful craftsmanship (take for example the more detailed pieces in the Parna range and the Rebel at Heart range which according to Lars is a reflection of Thomas’ own personality). He added also that the Thomas Sabo staff are natural ambassadors of the brand. It is these very people that create the energy behind each piece. From Thomas Sabo himself who is still very much involved with every step of the creative process, to the many skilled craftsmen that have worked with the brand since the beginning and right down to the marketing staff and sales associates in their stores. These individuals more often than not embrace, live and wear the brand even after clocking off from work and it is this energy that comes through in Thomas Sabo Jewellery.

Finally as cheesy as it was, I had to ask Lars “How do Thomas Sabo pieces fit into the lives of Ordinary People?” To which he smoothly replied “Thomas Sabo jewellery is diverse, as diverse as the lives of the Ordinary People that wear it.

Thomas Sabo
Look book from the A/W 2016 collection. Image credit: Thomas Sabo


A quote from the creative director Susanne Kolbli explains the inspiration behind the “Together” theme:

“Items of jewellery represent the most intimate human feelings: it is love, personal happiness and those special moments in life that we find reflected in an item of jewellery, wishing to wear them very close to us.”

This season sees the existing Glam & Soul, Love Bridge, Rebel at Heart and Karma Beads lines injected with a combination of diamond embellishments to symbolise eternal love, semi-precious stones such as rose quartz and emotional designs such as the infinity or heart symbols to perfectly portray this theme.
Completely new additions are the Nile Treasure theme, inspired by Egyptian symbols of protection and the Parna series which is inspired by Far Eastern symbolism.

Thomas Sabo Glam Soul Rings mix and match stackable
Mix and match stackable rings from the Glam & Soul range. Image credit: Thomas Sabo


For every day wear-ability, I loved the youthful and slight casual feel of the Triangle Diamond pieces with their simple, geometric lines – very on trend. Also suitable for every day and with a more girly look where the mix and match rings. These can be worn alone or in any combination to match your mood (stacking multiple rings gave them a completely different look). Given the ‘Together” message behind this new collection, the new free of charge engraving service on the Love Bridge and Love Coins will be a bonus for those wishing to purchase items from these ranges.

Thomas Sabo jewellery Triangle Diamond bracelet and ring, Nile Treasures studs and rings, reverse engraveable Love Coin bracelets
L-R Triangle Diamond bracelet and ring, Nile Treasures studs and rings, Love Coin bracelets. Image credit: Thomas Sabo


The (men’s) Rebel at Heart range and the (unisex) Karma Bead collection see’s some gorgeous pieces for the men too (although Lars, tells me that the masculine feel of certain items within these ranges are very popular with women buying for themselves – especially here in Asia), so; un-surprisingly then (to Lars at least) I really appreciated this range too, especially the skulls and the Scarab Beetle and cross with its mysterious symbolism and black zirconia detailing. Elephant heads and various other motifs have been added to the Karma bead range as well as more colour, further enabling the possibility to design your own unique looks.
With so very few jewellery lines out there offering ranges for men, Thomas Sabo is a must visit if you are looking for a gift for that man who has everything in his life (or if you would like a bit of rugged decoration for yourself).

Mens jewellery Thomas Sabo. Karma bead, skull ring, Scarab Beetle Cross,
Thomas Sabo Mens Jewellery, L-R Scarab Beetle and Cross pendant, bracelet and Skull ring, image from the Thomas Sabo look book, mens Rebel Icon watch. Image credit: Thomas Sabo


The showpieces in this A/W 2016 collection where the beautiful elephant, paisley or filigree pieces from the Parna series, each designed with so much stunning detail (back and front) and painstakingly hand crafted. The silver pieces where finished off with black zirconia and onyx while the rose gold plated versions where adorned with multicoloured stones.

Parna collection Thomas Sabo. elephant pendant
Show pieces from the Parna range. The stones on the Elephant head pendant takes a skilled crafts man a whole day just to set. Image credit: Thomas Sabo


The new Spirit watch collection for both men and women ties together stylish aesthetics with unique designs. As with the Karma Beads, we see a more colourful palette ranging from black and blue to reds and golds, another notable design feature of this seasons timepieces are the new multi-toned stainless steel mesh bracelets, which exude a classic sophistication and modern style. As Lars points out, they also offer a more practical solution in the Singaporean humidity and heat than the fabric straps that inspired them. A brand new ladies Karma watch featuring an Arabesque pattern in rose gold and Karma bead watch dial and a mens Rebel Icon watch with Skull detailing as part of the Rebel at Heart Range completes the collection.

Thomas Sabo Ladies Karma watches, watches with two tone straps, colourful watch faces.
L-R Ladies Karma watches, watches with two tone straps, colourful watch faces. Image credit: Thomas Sabo


Thank you Lars and all at Thomas Sabo for hosting us, it was certainly the most stylish of Ordinary People invites yet!

Thomas Sabo Triangle Diamonds
Triangle Diamonds display at the launch.


Thomas Sabo Logo

Thomas Sabo has 300 of its own shops across the world, but here in Singapore you can find the new A/W Thomas Sabo Stirling Silver and watches collections at the following stores:

Raffles City, #01-31
ION Orchard, #B1-26
Parkway Parade, #01-K2
VivoCity, #B1-09
Takashimaya Department Store, Level 1, Ladies Accessories Department


All photographs by Anna Hui except where otherwise credited.


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