Welcome to Ordinary.

Inspiration from people like you and me.

How many times have you met a seemingly ordinary person only to find out that they have an amazing story to tell or have started an incredible business or been on an extraordinary journey.

When you meet up with friends for an ordinary catch up, don’t you share about that great cafe you’ve found, a shop or product you stumbled on, the types of things you’ve been doing to stay fit and healthy or a vacation you’re about to go on?

What might be ordinary to someone could be inspiring to another person. That smoothie you whip up daily may be the recipe another person has been searching for. The party decorations you make by hand may be something another person would spend a fortune on, never knowing how simple it was to do at home. Your staple weeknight dinner recipe and your source for organic produce may be something another family has never heard about.

Ordinary People is a celebration and collection of ideas and stories by people like you and me. We share with you our lives and ethos, the things we enjoy or gems that other people have told us about. We also highlight people, small businesses and products which may have begun with an ordinary idea but has turned into someone’s passion.

Everyone has a great story to tell and we can’t wait to find what is special about the ordinary and bring it to you.